Stoneridge Resort Elevator Proposal
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Elevator Connector Addition Voting Results
Meeting 6-14-14
(Percentage Needed to pass this proposed Special Assessment - 67.7%)
For - 63.7%
Against - 36.3%
Vote Fails for lack of passing vote.
The Quorum was 41.63%  (Meaning 41.63% of the owners were present, in person or by proxy.) 
The SRCCOA Board of Managers was encouraged by the huge support of the owners for this proposal and although it this proposal failed, it was by such a slim margin that the plan will be taken back to the owners for a second vote, hopefully clarifying all of the loose ends, at the September 20th Annual Meeting.

Annual Meeting 2014 Voting Results
Saturday, September 20, 2014
Board of Managers -
Two positions open, each for three (3) year tersm.  (200% total was possible due to each ownership interest is allowed two votes.  Some owners only voted for one of the two candidates so the total will not amount to 200% overall.)
Bernard (Bernie) Brunner     -     35.38%
Helen Hodsdon                        -    57.90% Re-elected
Gerald (Jerry) Jones                -    50.96% Re-elected
Special Assessment for Elevator Connector Proposal
For Elevator Connector            -    68.38%  Proposal passes
Against Elevator Connector    -    31.81%

Frequently Asked Questions

1.    Question - Is this a one-time assessment?  A. The special assessment quoted is anticipated to be a one-time special assessment (if approved by at least 66% of the voting members once a quorum is established).  Owners may request payment arrangements, if needed.
2.    Question - Instead of refurbishing the condominiums, can we use that money to fund the elevators?   A. No, the association's board has a duty to refurbish and the monies put aside are for that purpose.
3.    Question - Why refurbish? A. Although staying status quo seems ok, not refurbishing would harm timeshare owners in the long run.  People want to stay in a condominium as nice or nicer than their homes with vacation amenities.
4.    Question - Will the exchange companies such as RCI, II, etc. increase scores or do elevators enhance trading power via comment card scores? A. We can't guarantee that elevators will increase trading power but we know that it currently adversely affects comment cards and ratings so it has to help.  Most resorts and hotels that are multi stories have elevators.
5.    Question - When will you invoice for the elevator?  The invoices will be mailed on or around October 22nd and are due by November 30, 2014.
6.    Question - Is this a one time assessment.  Answer - yes
7.    Question - When will the construction start?  Answer - It will start in the Spring, pending collection of the special assessment fees.
8.    Question - Exterior renovation? Answer - The exterior renovation is happening regardless of the owner vote.  We are replacing siding, all windows and sliding glass doors in condos, and roof.  The special assessment is not for this.  The exterior is coming from common area reserve funding we have in place.  If the elevator proposal is not passed, it could increase the costs to the exterior.  It is definitely more cost effective to do all at once.
9.    Q. What was needed to pass? A. 2/3 or more yes vote
10.    Q.  736 get a balcony?  A. Yes, just not mentioned in flyer. (oversight)  736, 739, 836, 839, 936, 939 would get a balcony.
11.    What will be done with hotel condo suites? A. The assoc is coming up with a plan to offer to owners for an upgrade fee.  We will make them a bit nicer than regular condos and owners can pay an upgrade fee and reserve that condo instead of their own.  The upgrade revenue will offset costs of the addition - heat/air plus costs to operate and maintain elevators.  The rest will offset annual maintenance assessments.